Bunny Bash

Bunny Bash|Ahrens at Home

I meant to actually post this before Easter but you know how that goes (or maybe/probably you are better at time management than me). We had such a fun time at our own bunny bash coloring eggs that I couldn’t not post it. So, no shame in my tardy game.

Easter Weekend 2017|Ahrens at Home

We threw together a quick little party for our kiddos. I made the sugar cookies and the other super-mom did all the heavy lifting (hosting our crew is a feat!).

Bunny Bash|Ahrens at Home

It was cute and casual, just the way I like my kiddo activities. I will say that we may have been overly ambitious corralling 5 kids under 5 into dyeing eggs inside.

Bunny Bash|Ahrens at Home

After the egg festivities, we moved it outside for bubbles and cookies. These bubbles were the easiest/cutest little gifts ever.  Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a spring birthday favor idea!

Bunny Bash|Ahrens at Home

Harper managed to scarf down approximately 9 cookies before anyone realized it. She is a sugar ninja.

Bunny Bash|Ahrens at Home


If you’re looking to host your own little bunny bash (which could be an adorable first birthday party theme!), here’s a few things to get you started! You can make it as simple (me! always me!) or as elaborate as your ambition takes you. 😉

Bunny Bash|Ahrens at Home

Most of the decorations and cookie cutters are from the Meri Meri party supplies line. You can usually find them for a steal at TJ Maxx or Homegoods. I think that juuuusst about wraps up our holiday fun!


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