Step right up|IKEA stool hack

I’ve had this little IKEA hack sitting around the kitchen for awhile now but thought it would be fun to share it because it is just too stinking simple. I had been on the hunt for a simple kitchen stool that lets the kids reach the sink for hand washing and for helping with simple cooking (mostly mixing, mostly when I’m feeling like Fun Mom). A few of our friends have a version of these fancy kitchen towers, which I thing are genius but space is tight in our kitchen and I’d rather spend $100 on something that wasn’t going to be outgrown in 3 years.

IKEA step stool hack|Ahrens at Home

So, off to the swedish wonderland I went and snatch up the $15 Bekvam stool. It’s solid wood and unfinished so that meant no sanding for this project! I stained the steps (I didn’t seal them as I wanted to avoid a slippery finish) and then spray painted the side supports black. That’s it.

Ikea step stool hack|Ahrens at Home

I’m just going to consider the water stains and splatters intentional weathering. 😉

IKEA step stool hack|Ahrens at Home

Not revolutionary or anything but I think it looks less IKEA and fits in a bit more with our style. I’ve seen some impressive hacks with this stool, like actually turning into a kitchen tower but that is not happening here. If I need a lumber cut list, it is pretty much off the project table. Sorry kids!

IKEA step stool hack|Ahrens at Home

IKEA step stool hack|Ahrens at Home

If you’re worried about it being sturdy enough (which at this price point, I wondered), I can vouch for it. I’ve waddled my very pregnant self right on up to reach our tallest kitchen cabinets. So, 5 stars and big baby bump seal of approval.

IKEA step stool hack|Ahrens at Home

Now if I can just get these kids to actually load the dishwasher I’ll be all set!

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