You see me snapping

It’s just me and your grandma joining snapchat this year. The only people I imagined using it were 14 year olds and people sending nudies to their bfs. Which is fiiiine and all as I withhold the social media judgment. I finally caved after getting a serious case of FOMO while watching this hilarious (and super helpful!) video from Alison. I will not divulge how often I have referred back to it…spoiler, a lot.

I still have zero idea what I am doing but snap me anyway. <—- is that even the lingo? I don’t even know. My username is beahrens, follow away more pictures and video of my mundane. If that doesn’t entice a follow, I don’t know what will.

Leave me your best snapping tips and if you’re on. You know I’ll snap back atcha.

Please enjoy the unrelated but still hilarious baby riding a dino raft.


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    […] Extra emphasis on the yay as I thought yesterday was Friday. Is that not the worst? We are packing up the mom-van for her first maiden road trip today. The crew is headed to San Diego for the long weekend. Before you get to jealous of my Fancy Life, know that we rented an airstream trailer near the beach. Sooo…it could be great + s’mores + family memories for life or we could be packing up that party train and heading home early. I’ll be keeping everyone up to the minute over on Insta or Snapchat. […]

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