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We Love Lucy|Lucy turns one!

I know I’ve been throwing some serious Christmas content (’tis the season!) your way so I thought I’d break it up with a highlight reel of our littlest lady’s big birthday. Lucy was born two days before Thanksgiving and with leap year happening, her big first birthday landed smack on Thanksgiving Day!



Lucy's first birthday.

Growing up, all four of us siblings have November/December birthdays and my parents did a great job celebrating our birthdays in between all of the holiday hustle and bustle so it pained me a bit to not throw a big bash for our girl. I went back and forth but sanity won out as there was just no time and anything I would have tried to make work would have been a big stress fest and just no.


To decorate, I just used a cute tablecloth and some paper flowers (my friend Sarah gave me those from her baby shower!). We also used the spruced up (gold spray paint) Ikea highchair for Lucy’s throne + a birthday crown from previous parties.


My dad made the smash cake, even after I sent three inspiration images to get it juuust right. I’m sure it is a joy to know me. 😉 I bought a few extra cupcakes from the grocery store and threw on these adorable fondant toppers.

Lucy's first birthday. Store bought cupcakes with fondant toppers.


My sister (who coincidentally shares a birthday with Lucy) and her family flew in for Thanksgiving. We met at Disneyland for a cousin play date and partied it up on Friday after Turkey Day. Lucy (and her baby book) will be none the wiser. 😉

Lucy's first birthday|Ahrens at Home

We just did cake, presents, and pictures after nap time and all of the kids were pleased as punch.

Lucy's first birthday|Ahrens at Home

CAKE! She wasn’t too into the cake at first but then her siblings and cousins showed her how to get it done. You don’t just leave a giant cake in front of you, uneaten.


Harper’s face is classic. Just here for the cake, big whoop, it’s her first birthday. I think we’ve all had one of those before.

Lucy's first birthday|Ahrens at Home

Let me just re-dip my cupcake in your frosting. Thanks, sister!



Best family photo attempt and capture. We are all in the frame, winner!




Happy Birthday Lucy Goosey! We love you so much!

Lucy's first birthday|Ahrens at Home

Harper’s First Birthday (twinkle, twinkle little star)

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