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Holiday Home Tour

Well I thought I’d better get this posted before all of the hustle and bustle was behind us. I thought we had pared down our Christmas décor but once we got everything up, I think we made the new place look pretty festive!

We have a fake tree from Home Depot that we picked up on clearance last year that is actually pretty convincing! Or maybe I covered it enough ribbon and tinsel to deceive everyone. I bought live greenery for the mantle this year which smells so good! I threw on a garland of wood beads from Michaels and all of our clear vases filled with candles. Done enough for me!


IMG_6030 - Copy

I had big plans to trick out our shelves and what not but it was a struggle to even get the mirror on the mantle. I’ll save you that novella but just know, PLASTER IS THE WORST.


I finally upgraded us all to matching stockings from Pottery Barn. I love them! We spent an embarrassing amount of time deciding if we should put our names on the socks or mom and dad. We feel like officially, official parents. Smile

I added some holiday cheer to the sunroom for the kids. We have their holiday books and reading chair in one corner with the little table set in the middle. Hudson is so proud of his little tree.



I have big plans for this hilarious little room. I’m trying to embrace the woodland theme with all this crazy wood paneling.


I found this super easy tutorial for the Merry and Bright sign. I was even lazier and just used glitter scrapbook paper. Make sure to modge podge that biz because the glitter sheds like crazy!


I made a chalkboard sign from a $2 garage sale frame that my mom bought a few years ago. I love how it turned out it, even if it isn’t the sturdiest thing in the world. Now I just need to work on my penmanship!


I bought these mini evergreen trees a few weeks ago. I couldn’t pass them up in the cute burlap bags.  I need to figure out what to do with this shelving unit. The previous tenants left it here. It wood veneer and used to be a cherry color and is really unsteady. I painted it with chalk paint but can’t really decide what I want to do with the inside or what to store in it.


That’s all the decking I was able to do the halls this year. I totally underestimated how long it takes to unpack and feel settled in a house. Especially moving to a bigger space! We still have boxes in corners and nothing on the walls but it’s starting to feel like home. Hope your place is looking merry and bright!

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