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Baby’s First Easter Basket

Easter is a hop, skip and a jump away this year so I’m working on rounding up a few goodies for the kids’ baskets. We use these big ones from Pottery Barn for Easter morning goodies.

It seems like Easter has turned into the new Christmas based on the gift suggestions at our local Target display (side eye). I have been trying my best to keep the toy influx to a minimum around here so I’m sticking with some old standbys for the big kids; some new sidewalk chalk, a swimsuit and sandals and maybe a kite or sand buckets. I’ll also probably fill up a couple of plastic eggs with hair clips for the girls and a new brio train for Hudson, cause it can’t be all candy all the time!

I posted a few Easter baskets from years past here. I’m doing a lot of the same this year, trying to keep it simple. It’s a little harder to find things for a baby basket but I have two suspicious toddlers and leaving Lucy out of the basket bounty isn’t really an option.

Here’s what the Easter bunny is dropping by in case you find yourself at loss for cute Easter goodies for the baby in your life. We needed the larger size bottles and I’m actually sneaking in a few bunny themed gifts we received when she was born that I hadn’t brought out yet. I am also not above tossing in a pack of wipes for some filler. 😉

Baby's First Easter Basket|Ahrens at Home

Little Saplings/wubbanub/Bunny rattle/Sophie/JellyCat Bunny/Swimsuit/Bottles

Baby's First Easter Basket|Ahrens at Home

I am obsessed with this adorable tutu swimsuit, I just love seeing a little baby squish shoved into a ridiculous suit. It is even cuter in person!

Jelly Cat Bunny|Ahrens at Home

I also have a few Easter books and devotionals that the kids love and focus on God’s love and have cute stories and illustrations to go along with them. We’ve received a few as baptismal gifts and they usually get one each Easter.

preschool devotionals|Ahrens at Home


What’s your Easter Bunny dropping by this year? I always love hearing other people’s holiday traditions!

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