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Handmade Holiday: Dollhouse Plans

Don’t check your calendars, it IS September and we’re already scheming Santa gifts over here. I’ve got birthdays out the wazoo leading up to Christmas so I need to plan ahead!

Much to my dismay, Hudson threw out a request for a dollhouse about two weeks before Christmas last year. I had to let him down easy and tell him Santa stops taking requests after Thanksgiving and I already had the kitchen of my their dreams ready to go. I have been on the hunt for the perfect dollhouse for the kids ever since. If you’re in the dollhouse market, you know they can range from $100-400(!!).

Handmade Holiday|Dollhouse plans


Then the last couple of months I had been flip flopping on the idea since we don’t really have the space for another big toy but my sister convinced me that her girls play with theirs on the daily and after a serendipitous Craig’s List search…the dollhouse that dreams are made of appeared on the page for $25!

Per usual, I sent Matt out to bring home my prize and I can’t wait to get started on it. It’s an unfinished house made of balsa wood (I think?) which is ideal as I can’t leave anything alone. It also can be wall mounted and opens from the front, which solved our space issue. Wins all around. Basically, Santa was listening and really came through for us!


Handmade Holiday|Dollhouse Plans

After a few quick google searches I found that there is quite the booming market for miniatures and dollhouse aficionados. I will not lie, the tiny furniture building and shiplap had my heart all aflutter. I am going to attempt to reel it in and just make it cute enough as the children do not care, ever.

Here’s my main plan with a hope to have it finished up in a couple of weeks. I’ll be snapping all the way so come visit me there. I gathered most of my inspiration from actual colonial houses on Pinterest because I am a crazy person.Handmade Holiday|Dollhouse Plans

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Have you taken on a miniature building project before? See our past Santa gifts here: Playhouse and Kitchen



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