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Favorite Gifts for the 5 year old

We have been knee deep in birthday party season and thought it might be helpful to share some of our favorite gifts for the 4-5 age group. They’re kind of a tough age to shop for as the baby toys aren’t really a hit but some of the games and legos sets are a little out of reach. Anyway, here’s so winners that we’ve given and received in the last few months!5 year old boy birthday gift ideas|Ahrens at Home

Hudson loves to tinker and build so the magna tiles have been a huge hit. Same for the legos but it’s been a challenge with Lucy running around. We have a rule that he needs to play in his room, door shut or during quiet time.

The fort clips are still on our list to buy but all of the kids love a good blanket fort. He also LOVES maps and things that go. I love this road tape + a few toy cars as a party gift (feel like going all out?…here’s our car ramp).

I’m surprised at how long the shelf life has been for the Brio trains. All of the kids build with these daily (my dad is bringing down a train trundle soon).


Full disclosure, the bike is arriving at Christmas on the back of Santa’s sleigh. The girls need new ones too and we thought it would be best to give them all at once. I love the aesthetic of the bikes and they’ve gotten great reviews!

The watch is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and he loves wearing it, just like dad! I’d love to hear what’s on your go-to birthday gift guide. We usually do similar items for our gal pals too. The giant sticker books and coloring pads from Melissa and Doug are always winners.

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