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Easter 2015

This weekend went by so quickly but was so fun! Two weeks before Easter we didn’t really have any plans and figured we’d keep it low key but then somehow the week of we were involved in three egg hunts. It was insane, remind me to dial it down a notch next year.

Friday we got together with a group of moms and toddlers and had an egg hunt in the park with 10 kids, three and under. It was just as hilarious as it sounds, we were basically herding cats all over the place.



Saturday morning we thought it would be a great idea to attend the first annual Rose Bowl Egg Hunt. Spoiler alert, worst idea ever. There were so many families there and they ran out of eggs before it was even time for our age bracket. Oh well, live and learn! We headed home and dyed Easter eggs in the backyard to keep the festivities rolling.


They each had a dozen eggs and could have sat there all day. Harper turned into the hulk and was crushing and tossing eggs all over the table and in the bowls. I’m not sure how anyone does this activity indoors. We hosed them and the table off with the garden hose.




I bought a sparkly egg kit which turned out to be kind of a mistake. We still have glitter all over our tub from hosing them off after this adventure. Before bed Hudson planted his special jelly bean bushes. He was so thrilled for this job and could not believe that suckers would grow overnight. Perks of a two year old imagination!

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny brought treats for everyone. Baskets were filled with swimsuits and other summer fun must haves. We also realized Harper is a candy fiend. She tore through those eggs like a professional, tossing the goldfish cracker filled ones aside in search of her main prize, a fistful of M&Ms. 


She was throwing some shade after having all of her precious treats stolen from her vice grip.


Hudson apparently has quite the green thumb, his jelly beans sprouted a big crop! Harper obviously was thrilled to help harvest that too.


We made it to church and our third egg hunt of the weekend. The kids barely made it through service as they came crashing down from their sugar high. Hudson was pretty proud of himself for walking up front for the children’s message. The pastor gave all of the kids stones to help them remember the empty tomb so Hudson is pretty proud of his “Jesus rock”. We hustled home for brunch and naps. Of course I got zero family pictures of everyone in their Easter finest. #momfail

I think that wraps up this installment of holiday fun! If you made it this far, you deserve a leftover Cadbury egg.

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