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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We’ve been bursting with excitement for Christmas morning with the kids this year. Hudson is all in on the Santa front. Harper is still not convinced…


Santa’s bringing her something anyway. I saw the adorable playhouse Stefanie created for her daughter and knew I had to have one in our backyard. I was a little nervous when I saw how small the box was. It definitely came in a million pieces  and overall took me about four hours to get it together, including the tweaks I made. I also did this solo. It might go faster working as a team but I get a little cray about my projects. A couple of tips: if you have the room, paint the house pieces before you put it together. I think it would have looked a little crisper if all of the screws weren’t painted over. I would also recommend painting both sides of the roof since the interior red is still visible from the front. 


I followed Stefanie’s instructions all the way down to the Ikea floor (definitely don’t skip out on those!) but painted my house with some leftover grey paint and did our door in a cute mint color. I couldn’t resist adding some gold accents and big fat red bow. Matt jokes that the house is really for me (because, obviously). Honestly, all it’s missing is a white subway tile backsplash to make  my Pinterest dream home board a reality!


Luckily, both kids love the house. Favorites include opening the windows like tiny shopkeepers and checking for mail. I’m planning on making some felt postcards for Valentine’s Day because it is so sad when Hudson opens the mailbox, turns around and says, “no mail?” with a shrug. I’d also love to add a little solar lamp but haven’t found anything to fit the scale of the house yet.


What did Santa drop off at your house? I think we’ve decided going forward to only have one big joint family gift + stockings from Santa. I’d love to hear how other families do Santa gifts!

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