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Operation Big Boy Room

The nesting mode has kicked in nice and early this go round. Maybe I’m realizing that I’m not going to be able to do much of anything, let alone decorating once this lad/lady arrives on the scene. Add in impending holidays with a newborn and I’m in get ‘er done mode in the middle of summer. We’ve been in the house since the end of last October and I’ve unpacked and arranged furniture, sort of… but haven’t gotten around to hanging much of anything on the walls. I will blame the plaster walls (they are a b) for this but really, I’m a leeetttle, tiny bit lazy.

We are all for room sharing over here which works out real nice since we live in a three bedroom house and we take up one room all by our selfish selves. We aren’t finding out if new baby is a he or she although I am 90% on team girl but we shall see how much Mother’s Intuition knows. My plan is to have Harper and new baby share after the initial couple of months room in with us. I really hate sharing a room with a newborn (heartless! I know.) but I hate climbing up and down stairs all night long even more.

So we’re finally kicking Hudson out of his crib and moving that upstairs. I know he’s three and still in a crib, keep your judgment to yourselves. We operate on a keep them in the cage as long as possible policy. SO…my point! Here’s what I’m planning on doing to his little room in the next couple of months. Hudsons_big_boy_room

Let’s just call it rustic/camping chic, m’kay? The biggest change is adding the bed. We’re going with a trundle because who knows when we’ll need the kids to really be doubling up on bedrooms. It’s from Walmart because we are fancy like that. I’ve loved that canvas from Lindsay Letters forever + some vintage national parks posters and we’ll call this room decorated. I’m not painting (lazy) and want the option of making it a boy/girl room if my initial plan of Harper + baby rooming doesn’t pan out. I also need to whip up some curtains, I’m planning on the big buffalo check since apparently NO ONE has these premade.

I’m also working on getting Harper’s room past the initial step 1: add a crib, I started with. I’ve been on the hunt for a dresser for her room since the day we moved in with no luck. I’ve been so close on a couple of Craig’s List finds and then the sellers bail or never respond or are doing whatever they have going on that is more important than providing me the crowning jewel to my toddler’s room.

So there you have it, what’s been keeping me up at night. Toddler beds v. daybeds, room sharing and sleeping schedules. Riveting, I’m sure.

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