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$3 at-home coffee hack

Ever since Harper burst on to the scene I’ve been chugging that black gold, heavy on the iced version. Before kids I was never a coffee drinker, somehow I made it through school, multiple crazy, long-hour jobs and still didn’t love it enough to hit Starbucks on the daily. Apparently, all it took was 2 kids under 2 and I was all aboard that caffeine train and I haven’t looked back.

Matt is hardcore about his coffee consumption and always drinks it black like a professional. I am on the wimpy side of things and like mine with a generous pour of half and half or whatever chemically-laced creamer looks delicious (currently chugging this) and my go-to coffee splurge is a latte. Enter the hand held milk frother.

I stumbled across this little gem at Ikea for $3 (amazon version) and I was in love. Something about frothy milk seems to bring my at-home coffee game up to level 10. I realize there are tons of at home milk frother contraptions, which I’ve used (my inlaws love theirs!) and liked but I couldn’t resist the convenience of the handheld version.

Not having to fill the large frother, wasting a bunch of milk or clean it really sold me on it (all lazy, all the time). Also, the large frothers are all over $40 which seemed like a pretty steep investment on my morning cup of joe since I’m not winning any barista awards.

iced coffee hack|Ahrens at Home

So pencils ready, here’s how we whip it real good…

1//pour a little (or a lot, I don’t judge) of your creamer of choice into your cup

2//froth your little heart out

3//I add a little coffee at this point and continue frothing

4//top of your cup with the good stuff and enjoy!

mason jars/metal straw/frother

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