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Wee Eat: Baby Led Weaning

We’ve finally arrived at the time to feed the baby stage! We are following  baby led weaning approach again this time. TLDR version: baby eats table food…no purees, pouches or rice cereal. It worked so well for our family with the older kiddos (disclaimer…I don’t think its the perfect option for everyone, you feed your baby however YOU want! No judgies here) that we were happy to jump right back on the bandwagon and you may have seen disgusting snaps of Lucy covered in food. Sorry not sorry. I’m in mom-denial of how cute it is.

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I’ve had a few fellow mom-friends ask how/why we’re doing it this way and what’s a blog for but to crow your mediocre parenting tips to the masses? So away we go.

The main logic behind BLW is that food before one is just for fun. Babies are still gaining most of their nutrition and calories from breastmilk or formula. Introducing table food (instead of purees) gives them a broader palate and hopefully(!) makes for less picky eaters in the long run. As an added bonus, babies are working on their pincher finger and fine motor skills by picking up food off their tray. The main bonus for moms: no money spent on expensive baby food or hours wasted in the kitchen pureeing your own food. Babies eat what you’re serving the rest of the family with a few modifications (softer veggies/no salt). In the last few years I think that BLW has definitely gained popularity and I’m getting a whole lot less, huh? That’s weird commentary on the proverbial park bench. A quick search of Pinterest will bring up a slew of meal suggestions.

With each of the kids we have waited until that magical six month mark to introduce solid food and like any good Californian, avocado has always been the food of choice. It’s soft, full of good fat and makes for adorable first food pictures. #priorities. Both Hudson and Harper were kind of, eh? I’ll try some but mostly I will chuck all of your carefully curated meals to the hangry chihuahua. A few months in they were definitely eating more than tossing and it’s been pretty smooth sailing until they turned into toddlers with opinions and super helpful suggestions on what they would like to be served. :/ Many a convo has gone down around our table regarding animal crackers as an acceptable main course.

Lucy though, what an animal! From the first time I strapped her into her high chair (this one! Love it) she has gone to town. There was no messing around with her. Everything we’ve presented she’s immediately picked up and down the hatch. She just barely has two teeth. I don’t know if she’s been watching us really closely or she’s realized that she’s the youngest of three and better eat while the getting is good.

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I have been packing these pouches when we’re out on the town and I know there won’t be any healthy meal sharing options. I didn’t really have to worry that much about it with the other two but we seem to always be on the go now.

baby led weaning|Ahrens at Home

If you’re dipping your toe into the baby-led weaning pool, be sure to read up on choking/gagging/etc and then enjoy that hilariously disgusting baby smearing banana in their hair.

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  1. November 1, 2017 / 8:29 am

    Love this post, thank you for sharing! We have a 5 month old and are looking into BLW for when he hits that monumental 6 month mark. Can’t wait to start!

    • Brittney
      November 1, 2017 / 9:33 am

      I think you’ll love it Shelby! We did it with all three kids and never regretted it!

  2. Auntie
    August 19, 2016 / 8:48 pm

    Love reading your blog! Makes me smile and feel closer to you all! ❤

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