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Everyday Mom Style|Flats that Flatter

After hanging up my working woman heels almost 5 years ago, I’ve become a connoisseur of comfy shoes (I assure you, my husband is thrilled with this development). I need cute(ish) shoes that are comfortable and easy to slide on when I’m chasing babies and toddlers. Sharing is caring so I thought I’d round up the flats currently residing in my closet for your perusing pleasure.

Every day mom style|Flats the Flatter

I own almost all of these shoes (except the bottom two!) and they’re almost all under $30. If you’ve never tried the Tieks, spoiler alert: they’re worth the moolah. My mother in law gave them to me as a birthday gift a few years ago and they are perfect! I can do a full day at Disneyland in these beauties. Which cannot be said for some other high-end leather flats that I own (Tory Burch, I’m side-eyeing you).

I typically walk the kids to preschool three days a week, which is about three miles roundtrip, pushing a behemoth of a stroller so I need some hard working shoes. I love my new balances (I can’t find my exact color combo but loved these!) and tend to default to them when doing some heavy duty striding.

My American Eagle huaraches sandals are my summer love and are my go-to, out the door slip on shoe. I have been super impressed with how durable they are for how inexpensive they were. I think I even grabbed them on a BOGO deal, so keep an eye out.

I love the stripe slip ons from the mothership (aka Target). I own them in leopard and am thinking about grabbing these too. Wouldn’t they be adorable with white shorts or a cute sundress?

Of course, I can’t leave out the IG mom darling, the Converse Slip-ons. They are perfect for denim shorts and park days. They key here is the elastic heel, slip those babies on and you’re out the door. A word to the wise, I found them a bit narrow and would recommend going up 1/2 a size.

I love my boat shoes from Sperry. Again, easy to slip on is key here. I usually go back and forth between the converse and these. I wouldn’t wear them for a super long day of walking (but my husband loves his and totally would!) but so cute.

I ran across the last two pairs of shoes and couldn’t resist adding them in. The ballet elastic detail is so sweet and you could totally be mom/daughter twinning with these.

I also have a pair of plain, black slides but love the scallop detail on these. Expert fashionistas have told me they are a knock off of some v.v. expensive designer shoes. I just think they’re cute, and that’s good enough for me.


Do you have any go-to shoes that up your everyday mom style? You know I’m all ears.

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