Five on Friday

Another bulleted list to get you to the weekend. Yeehaw.

Jumping back in

Jumping back into the blog with a few quick takes.


New kid shows, face oil, and maternity swimsuits. The hits keep coming folks.

Keeping a tidy home with minis

Note that I said tidy, not clean. If you pop over unannounced, my living room will be picked up but I ask you kindly to…

Weekend Wrap Up

Everyone recovered from the Super Bowl? I didn’t grow up with a home NFL team so I’m always just there for the snacks which in…

Five on Friday

Are we ready for the weekend?! I can’t believe we only have one more week until Christmas! We are headed to the evening show of…

Weekending + Pumpkin Patch

We ran down to San Diego this weekend to visit my Dad and step-mom since I volunteered to pass out pink ribbons at the Chargers…