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Jumping back in

Thank you all for your messages, phone calls and notes from my last post, we are so humbled by all of the love and support from all of our friends and family. We are still struggling with our new normal but are slowly finding our way as a family. While it’s difficult to jump back into posting my usual nonsense after such a shock and loss, it also feels like the perfect thing.

The truth is, we have three wonderful children (who have honestly saved us during this time) and I love documenting our daily mundane. I don’t want this space to become solely a memorial for our twins and grief but want to recognize they will forever be a part of our family story. It is surreal trying to juggle the reality of picking out urns for our babies while still having to remember dentist appointments and haircuts for the rest of the kiddos. I wish I could capture the beautiful/brutal season of life we’re in but I can’t seem to find the right words. I hope you’ll bear with me as I try to navigate this journey, we love having you here.

So, in the spirit of jumping right back in with the ridiculous and the mundane, a few snippets of what we’ve been up to.

Batman Birthday//Hudson turns five in just a week! He insisted on a Batman birthday party. He would not be swayed from the theme, regardless of the fact that he has never seen Batman and is particularly fuzzy on who/what Batman even does. Thank you preschool for ruining my anti-licensed character party flow.


Santa Barbara//Matt and I had planned to sneak away to the Bacara resort for a few days months ago (thanks to a generous work trip!) and were on the fence about going right until we needed to leave. It turned out to be a nice little break and the location couldn’t have been prettier. We stopped at the most charming little bakery/coffee house on the way home, highly recommend!



Instagram Husband needs to work on his photo game.



Twitter//Veering right into v.v. first world problems territory; my twitter account was hacked way back in November. It seems to be there is no verifiable customer service at Twitter and so I was unable to unlock/verify my old account (I am unreasonably ticked about this) so follow me at my new account and let me know if I missed following you!

Bunkbeds//We decided to bail on Hudson’s trundle bed. It is so adorable but the trundle portion was essentially unusable since his dressers are too close to the bed. So Matt and I made the maiden voyage over to the new Ikea and bought the beds, a mess of organizational must-haves, and a pan of cinnamon rolls (just the essentials!). 4 hours later, we had built ourselves a bunkbed set! My sister, Brianne is currently rooming on the top bunk since she’s graciously staying with us for the summer (yay babysitting!!)



World’s largest umbrella//Me and my pale, Irish skinned babies need all the shade and I found THEE ultimate in sun protection from everyone’s favorite online bestie. It was less than buying two umbrellas so I clicked that buy button and so far, no regrets!

Let’s just end on that high note! I have a few post in the hopper so get excited.

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