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Five on Friday

We made it to another Friday folks! Even though I keep seeing your adorable children’s last day of school of chalkboards all over my Facebook feed, we’re still trucking along with 3 day a week morning preschool until July. The kids love it so, basically no downside here. Here’s a bulleted list for your perusing pleasure and my laziness.

Homeschool(ish) Summer//You may have seen on my IG story (which, sorry snaps) that I’ve been printing and laminating flash cards like a pseudo-tiger mother. Hudson really wants to read and I thought this would be a fun quiet time activity (RIP naps). I’ll let you know just how unrealistic my expectations are.

Whole 30…again//We’re doing a modified Whole30 up in here due to all of the sugar we’ve been binging on lately. It’s been a real buzz kill to realize I can’t eat all the sugar and carbs and still feel good. Boo. My friend Natalie did a great recap post, she’s in a FB group that we all post recipes and complain about not indulging in deliciously bad food.

Hats//Most of my adult life I’ve been anti-hat. So against them that Matt didn’t even recognize me when I walked right up to him after arriving at the airport wearing one. Since we basically live on the surface of the sun during the summer and we’re out all day long with the kiddos, I need some more serious sun protection (30s are the best, guys) and am in dire need of a cute hat. I love this one but am not sure I can jump on that price point, so tell me what to buy!

Vintage Furniture//Craig’s List hasn’t provided me any gems since my pie safe procurement (which I’m almost done with…this weekend!) but this week has been a veritable treasure trove. I ran across the cutest vintage twin bed at a thrift shop for $30. Did I need it? No. Did that matter? No. I had that loaded up faster than you can say hoarders. It would look adorable in Hudson’s room but we just bought the bunks so I’ll just hang on to it like a crazy person.

I have also been on the hunt for a vintage secretary desk (example here if you have no idea what I’m describing) to replace our campaign chest that we keep all of the kids’ art supplies in. I saw the one that Courtney posted and knew I had to have something similar. What did my wondering eyes see yesterday for $60 and a 20 minute car ride away? Thee exact one I was looking for, which as an aside, was very lucky find. I’ve been looking for a few months because I didn’t want the drawers to go all the way to the floor (picky, picky). Anyway, if you want a quick peek at the before, the picture is still on my IG story for a few more hours. Hurry, hurry!

Picking up that sucker on Saturday, as you might have guessed, Matt is thrilled. I’m hoping to have a little better turn around time than the sideboard redo.

Kid spam//My sister Brianne is staying with us again this summer (headed for sainthood, that one!) and has been just as snap-happy as I am with her new iPhone 7. Like every person ever has said, THE CAMERA IS AMAZING. I might as well burn my garbage pictures. Luckily I have her for a couple more months as my personal kid-paparrazi. So, photo proof below.

Friday Favorites|Ahrens at Home

Friday Favorites|Ahrens at Home

Friday Favorites|Ahrens at Home

Friday Favorites|Ahrens at Home

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and margaritas (or lime La Croix for all you fellow Whole30ers)!

darling TGIF print via Sea Calligraphy


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