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Weekend Wrap Up

Everyone recovered from the Super Bowl? I didn’t grow up with a home NFL team so I’m always just there for the snacks which in my opinion is the best way to go into this sort of event. We went to our friends house for the game and mostly chased babies in between bites of cheese dip. Luckily for us west coasters, the game started at 3:30 pm so everyone was tucked in bed just in time to watch the big comeback. You can find the recipe to my favorite dip in all the land below.

Besides the watching the big game, we managed to have one of the laziest weekends in a long time. No birthday parties, no visitors, no obligations, just hanging out. Heck, I decided to really live la vida loca and didn’t even do any laundry. Glorious. I have exactly one photo to show for the whole weekend.

I managed a pre-nap Target run on Friday with all of the little kittens in tow and some how made it out of there without any Valentine’s Day candy falling into my cart (as it has a habit of doing). I have had to limit my Target runs lately as the Nate Berkus kid line is insanely adorable + the Threshold decor is my siren song of just one more thing. I’ve been leaving that place $200 poorer every time (said every mom, ever).

Saturday was a quick solo(!) trip to the grocery store and a late afternoon park visit to run out all of the crazy before bed. I was already loading the kids into the van before I realized Lucy was still in her jammies. Like I said, Lay to the Z this weekend. Sorry third baby.

Ahrens at Home

I also got to sneak off to the spa for my first ever facial. I KNOW! Who is this fancy lady?! Matt gave me a membership to a local spa for Christmas and it’s a use it or lose sort of deal which makes this mom go. Great gift idea for all those (2?) husbands and dads reading along. I went in the evening which was also a first and the massage/facial was wonderful. I’m fully expecting my youthful glow to return any moment now…but the best part is showering without any tiny kids checking in to see if I’m done/would you open this snack/what are you doing mom. The spa has all of the typical extra amenities (sauna/wet room/steam room) + showers and so it felt like quite the luxury to shower and dry my hair in one sitting. Mom life.

We also tried some of our Hello Fresh meals this weekend. They were good but I don’t think I’ll be ordering again. It felt like doing takeout with twice the amount of work. Turns out you still have to cook the food and do the dishes! We finished up the weekend with actually being on time to church (praise hands!) and brunched in the best little diner in Pasadena.

Better wrap this one up before I bore you to tears. Lots of excitement this week, the girls are now sharing a room, big kids are in preschool three days a week and we’re headed to Disneyland on Friday. Yeehaw.



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