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Favorite Workout Apps for Moms

Lucy hit the two month mark and I am still looking very, very postpartum. This three baby business is no joke. I’m ready to hit the gym and get back into my pre-baby jeans. I find that a little accountability does wonders for my willpower so I use a few apps to keep me moving and thought I’d share.


Run keeper//Right now it is really tough to get to the gym. Lucy can’t go until she’s 6 months old so that means a 5 am gym call or an 8:30 pm stop. Both of which feel impossible when I’m still getting up a couple times a night to nurse her. I try to get my exercise in pushing that behemoth of a stroller, filled up with 80 pound of kid + gear. I love being able to track my walks and see my miles add up through the week.

FitBit//Obviously you’ll have to buy the actual fitbit but I find this fun because you can connect with your friends (find me here!) that also have a fitbit and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. It definitely makes me get up and move a bit more if I’m thiiiis close to hitting my 10k steps for the day.

Gym Pact//I really like this one. You start with a “free” $5 from the company and set your own pact. Mine is workout (30 minutes=workout) 3x a week with a $5 loss via PayPal if I don’t hit my pact. You can adjust your number of workout day or loss payment amount to whatever makes you the most motivated. I like that the app syncs with Runkeeper and FitBit. So if I don’t make it to the gym, my 10K steps count as my activity.

DietBet//Another competition app, specifically targeting weight loss. You can join a diet bet for a weight loss of 4 or 10 percent of your body weight, depended on the length of the diet bet. If you hit your goal, you win money from the pot and if you don’t, you can kiss those dolla dolla bills goodbye. If money is your motivation, this one is for you.

Any apps that I’m missing? What motivates you to get to the gym? Help a mother out.

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