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You see me snapping

It’s just me and your grandma joining snapchat this year. The only people I imagined using it were 14 year olds and people sending nudies to their bfs. Which is fiiiine and all as I withhold the social media judgment. I finally caved after getting a serious case of FOMO while watching this hilarious (and super helpful!) video from Alison. I will not divulge how often I have referred back to it…spoiler, a lot.

I still have zero idea what I am doing but snap me anyway. <—- is that even the lingo? I don’t even know. My username is beahrens, follow away more pictures and video of my mundane. If that doesn’t entice a follow, I don’t know what will.

Leave me your best snapping tips and if you’re on. You know I’ll snap back atcha.

Please enjoy the unrelated but still hilarious baby riding a dino raft.


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