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Gift Guide for Tween Boys

Are you combing the internet for gift ideas for your tween boy? Girl, same. This year’s gift guide for tween boys is filled with tons of the best gift ideas for the boys in your life. I think they’re even harder to buy for than the girls since all I see are video games and Nerf guns marketed to our 10-12 year old boys.

These gifts are all tween and mom approved from our house! I love anything that can get those boys moving and outside or using their brains and creativity. I’ve also included a few stocking stuffers just in case Santa needs a helping hand this year.

Pass on a few ideas to the grandparents and family who keep asking what your son wants under the tree this year.

Top gift picks for tween boys this year’s list

Find the complete tween boy gift guide with 20 unique gift ideas for the guys in your life below! Happy Shopping!

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