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Gift Guide for Tween Girls

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Finding the perfect gift for your tween can be complicated but your gift guide girl is here to help! The tween years, ages 8-12 are those tricky in-between years when they’re not little kids anymore and not quite teens. It’s a notoriously difficult age to shop for as they’re quickly aging out of traditional toys but still love a fun craft or something cozy. I love the excitement of finding the perfect present and I’ve done my best to scour all of Amazon and found the best gift ideas covering all of the things on your tween girl’s gift list.

Top gift picks for tween girls on this year’s list

Whether you have a book worm, budding scientist, or a fashionista on your hands, I’ve curated the best tween gifts that are sure to put a smile on their faces.

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Amazon collage of tween girl gift ideas

heart gem puzzle, bath bomb kit, how to draw book, caboodle, scented glitter pens, star light, karaoke machine, string games, hand lettering book, scrunchies, nontoxic nail polish, hair glitter, charm bracelet, bow earrings, reading pillow, instax camera, belt bag, sparkle headband, personalized brush

Exclusive Spalding Floral Basketball. She’ll be the cutest on the court!

Adorable Stoney Clover look for less. The perfect place to stash all the things and keep those backpacks a little more organized.

Tween girls still love crafting! This clay bead kit still has all of the fun DIY with an even cuter end product of her early bracelet making days.

If you want to be the queen of tween gifting, this is it. The belt bag! You can splurge on the pricey version but for younger girls I’d grab this cute little dupe right off of Amazon.

Initial Earrings
Heatless Curl headband
Lego Flower Set
Bow earrings
Portable Karaoke Machine
Personalized Hairbrush
tangle free brush
belt bag
instax camera
fuzzy pillow
hair glitter
non-toxic nail polish
hand lettering book
string games
karaoke microphone
Star Light
Glitter Pens
How to Draw Book
Bath Bomb Kit
heart gem puzzle

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