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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Look ladies, I don’t know if anyone has told you yet but you deserve to treat yo’self this year for Mother’s Day. We’ve been sequestered with our little darlings for seven weeks; homeschooling, and baking sourdough bread like Ma Ingalls. There will be no brunches out, spa days, or coffee runs so here is your official notice that you are doing great and definitely deserve whatever you want for Mother’s Day annnnnd sometimes dads don’t know what that is. 😉

Harper is my tiny gift giver (loves to give, loves to open, for sure her number one love language). We now have an on-going joke in our family that if you don’t know what to get mom, ask Harper. A few years ago Matt asked her what moms like when scouting for some holiday and she quickly responded, “flowers, coffee, and cake”. Since we all deserve to treat ourselves (or our own mamas) I made a quick reference sheet for all you ladies who are also on the flowers, coffee, cake, repeat bandwagon.


Give me all the flowers please. Usually I’d be able to sneak down to the flower district to pull together my own bouquet but with that closed down I’ve been channeling my master gardener vibes into our little backyard garden. We planted our usual herbs, easy veggies, and strawberries in our raised beds but added potted David Austin Roses this year. So I’m all in, give me the sun hats, the flower books, and straw totes. I also threw in some rose because I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like a cocktail right about now. Summer Water is one of my favorites and they have a fun subscription promotion going on for the next three months. You get a different combination/shipment straight to your quarantined door. Here’s my referral link for $22 off your first order.


All the moms hitting that 3 pm coffee too? Because, SAME. My mother in law gave me a Nespresso machine a couple of years ago for Christmas and I love it so much, It even steams milk on cold for iced coffee. I’ve rounded up all the things your coffee connoisseur wants here.


We love baking all the treats here and quarantine has ramped up our efforts (and our waistlines). I love giving (and receiving!) unique salts and these extracts looked really great! If you don’t have a kitchen aid mixer, go get you one because it is a kitchen game changer. I think I use it on the daily. Matt upgraded mine this Christmas to this amazing anniversary edition and I’m not sure if I love that or the Nespresso more.

Other than ordering a quiche, salad, and cupcakes we don’t have too many plans for the big weekend. The kids always shower me with 3640 handmade cards which is probably even better (or at least close!) to as great as anything on the list. Then we are hunkering down and adding a baby to the brood!

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