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Lavender Fields: Cherry Valley

Another post about flower fields. Get ready. Brianne and I loaded up the kids on a Friday morning after a flier for two free tickets magically appeared in my mailbox. I had never even heard of Cherry Valley but Matt was out of town and was probably thanking his lucky stars he wasn’t being coerced into a lavender field frolicking excursion.


Well. He missed out. Let me tell you! It was so adorable and charming I can’t even properly describe it. The fields are only open two weekends in the summer but there is restaurant onsite and an olive harvesting festival in the fall. Cherry Hill is about 90 minutes east of Los Angeles (basically the high desert) and it is HOT! But this adorable little farm is a little slice of paradise, tons of tall pine trees blocking the sun, which are also strung up with glass patio lights.

Lavender Festival|Ahrens at Home



A jazz band was playing, food trucks and dessert bars were aplenty. It was pretty dreamy if I haven’t made that clear by all of my raving. Also, just so we’re being clear here, I drug my family here on my own accord, the festival doesn’t even know who I am.


We rode the pony wagon ride around the fields and took in the petting zoo (bunnies, goats and lambs) to appease the children.




Lavender Festival|Ahrens at Home

We then dove head first into the gift yard of all lavender, everything. I managed to contain my enthusiasm and just came home with lavender sugar for lemonade and some baby balm.






So, local ladies, make sure to circle your calendar for next year. Take your gal pals or your main man and go go go to this adorable festival. And now what you’ve all really came for, children posed amongst the lavender.




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