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Santa! I know him!

We kicked off our Advent events in style this week. We went to see the big guy and drop off our wish list requests (a dollhouse for those keeping track, and yes I have been applying the subliminal messaging since July). This is the third year we’ve gone to see Santa at the Huntington Gardens and he never disappoints.


With our membership to the gardens, we get a special early meet and greet with Santa, including hot cocoa, cookies, and candy canes. The best part of the whole event is that we can use our own camera which, if I’m being honest, basically makes up for the yearly membership price.


Harper has been a crier for the last couple of years (pictures that never disappoint) but she was determined to get up there and ask for her Christmas gift of choice (candy…dream big, girl). So Lucy, pulled through with the tears.


This picture is everything. Lucy is screaming, Harper’s shade face and Hudson is just like, pull it together girls. I want that dollhouse.


After removing the screaming baby, the kids hopped right back up there to discuss presents, the reindeer, and PJ the elf.


I was so surprised that Harper was the last one to hop off Santa’s lap since she’s been a crier every year but I guess once that girl gets chatting, it’s hard to stop. I don’t know where she gets that from. 😉


We even managed a semi-decent family photo (miracles are afoot!) thanks to a kind stranger snapping 30 pictures for us.

Santa Days at the Huntington Gardens

Have you been to see the big guy yet? Tears or smiles for your kiddies?

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