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Mama Must Haves: Hospital Bag Edition

Now that I’ve rounded week 39 of this pregnancy I thought it was time to pack up our hospital bag. This time I’ve been more relaxed (sensing a theme with the second baby?) and haven’t even really thought about what I’ll be taking. Last time, we WAY over packed. We practically brought the whole nursery to the hospital. I was joking with my girlfriend the other day that I would probably be ok with just tossing a clean pair of undies in my purse on the way out the door. Here’s what I whittled our packing list down to this time.


for mama // jammies, cosmetic bag, dry shampoo, hair ties, flip flops, boob butter

I packed so many outfits and what not the first time it was ridiculous. All you need is a comfy pair of PJs and nursing tank tops. Honestly, when you’re first getting the hang of nursing the hospital gowns are the easiest to manage. I’m also including some leggings and a cardigan for the ride home. Flip flops were a must for pacing the halls + shower stall. I also threw in some comfy (cheap!) socks (I threw them away afterward).

Don’t forget your makeup + dry shampoo. A shower after having a baby is amazing, drying your hair in a tiny hospital bathroom isn’t. Embrace the dry shampoo ladies! Sounds vain but there will be plenty of pictures!

ipad/iphone/camera + chargers! You’ll be taking tons of pics of your new bundle of joy. We also face-timed with all of our out-of-town family so it was essential to have all of our gadgets. I also thought it was nice to have internet access since it got a little boring just sitting in the room without any visitors.

for dad// shirt/PJ pants/bag

Dad doesn’t need a lot but a comfy pair of pants for sleeping after baby arrives is nice! We’re also packing this Hudson shirt for the ride home to pay homage to our first born (we know we’re cheesy). Matt was super sore from walking and giving me a 10 hour back massage so I’m throwing in some Tylenol this time. Snacks are also a nice addition since the hospital really only takes care of mom.

for baby// outfits/hat/carseat/hairbow/swaddles/binkie

You really don’t need to pack anything for baby, the hospital gives you everything from binkies to diapers. We’re taking a couple of cute going home outfits (a gal needs options!), a hat and hair accessories and some cute swaddle blankets for pictures.

Was there anything that made your stay or that you forgot and were cursing yourself for? I forgot a hair tie last time (who does that?!) and had to use an actual rubber band from the nurses station. Yeow!

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