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Printing family pictures with Chatbooks

A new year ticked on by and now I’m ready to clean all the things and organize the entire house. Juuust me?

One of my resolutions from 2016 was to print more pictures of the little darlings. I have no less than 2,00o pictures collecting e-dust on my computer, phone, and cloud (does anyone even know how that even works?!). I usually make a family photo yearbook with all of our highlights printed in a bound book. I do love how they turn out but it takes me hours. So many hours. Hours I no longer have laying around. So I’ve been leaning pretty heavy on Chatbooks (unsponsored! I just love them and are a legit time saver for this snap-happy mom) to get prints in my hand.

I mentioned Chatbooks to a few of my real life friends (I have them! I swear!) and family and they gave me the uhhh, wut…look so I thought I’d share here in case a few of you have also missed the boat on this little mother’s helper.

Chatbooks is a little app that started a few years ago that made it easy to auto-print your Instagram pictures into cute 60 page books for $8! You can’t beat that with a stick. You login, name your series and decide if you want to back-print your Instagram feed (you do) add your payment information and that’s it. Whenever your book hits 60 pages, you get a little notification to review/edit out any pictures, then it ships right to your door. It is a delight.


Chatbooks now allows you to make books from pictures on your computer, or Facebook albums if you haven’t jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. The books are soft-cover (you can upgrade to hard-cover) and are fully editable in terms of keeping captions, the date, excluding pictures, or even filtering based on hashtags. I have a series for just #ahrensontheroad and #ahrensdodisney. They also have options for books with more pages based on your photo-project. I haven’t given them a try just yet so I can’t give them an official thumbs up but have been thrilled with the books I have received. I may be swayed after seeing their collaboration with Rifle Paper Co though.

IMG_9418I just had to share because it is such a time saver for me (and zero thinking after that initial setup) and I love getting prints in my hot little hands without having to even think about it. Here’s my referral code if you want to start your own series. You get your first book free and I get one too. Win-win!

Printing family pictures with Chatbooks. The first book is free!

What’s your favorite printing service? I typically use My Publisher for our family yearbooks but am open to any easier/more timely options!



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