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Off to Preschool

We didn’t think we’d be squeezing our oldest into preschool this year but here we are! With the move to Pasadena and being late to all of the interviewing/touring/enrollment dates (and all of the cray that comes along with it) we just decided to redshirt him this year. It may be the lazy mother in me but I just could not handle all the competition for what is essentially a scheduled playdate for the 4 and under crowd. If you’re still pooping your pants, I am not spending $75 on enrollment fees. Sorry, not sorry.


Anyway, the stars aligned a few weeks ago with a friend of a friend who heard about an opening at a super preschool and maybe if we hustled we could get in? AND WE DID! I love the teachers, the facility and their philosophy. They’re really laid back and are play based which is what we were looking for. Lots of outdoor time and just kids running around like maniacs kids. Maybe it is just my first time mom showing but I (we) were super worried about just throwing him out there to fend for himself, so I am thrilled with where we landed. I actually felt a kindred spirit while reading this article.

We did an orientation last week where Harper helped herself to the sandbox and a garden hose so we’re obviously making a lasting impression already.


Hudson is going twice a week for half days which is about all I can handle. Getting them up, fed and out the door by 8:10 is a herculean feat for this house bound mother. I love that we can walk to the school but not this week because, holy hot. WHY? Why is it 102 degrees at 5 pm? Horrible all around. BUT, once mother nature decides to cool it the freak off I’m hoping for walks to school and playdates with Harper at the neighboring park + maybe some coffee at the local place because it’s right there and all. Winking smile


Action shot courtesy of Dad’s cell phone. Note ye olde giant camera toting as the first-time proud preschool parents we are.


Maybe not the very best first day of school pictures and I won’t divulge how much cajoling and pleading for just one smile there was accompanying these.


So happy school year to you! May the colds and flu be few and the fun be a plenty!

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  1. Lori Gannon
    September 9, 2015 / 10:03 pm

    Hudson looks super excited! ☺

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