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Sayonara Summer

Jk. It’s still 90+ degrees here and we even hit the beach last weekend. That didn’t stop me from pinning my little heart out on Halloween crafts and setting the kids up with pumpkin coloring sheets this morning like the aspiring tiger mom I am. As an aside, I stopped into Starbucks and decided to go all SAHM basic and order a seasonal drink and went with the salted caramel mocha since I don’t really like the pumpkin spice latte (I KNOW, the shame). I can only say it was one of those drinks that should be good but just…isn’t. So, iced coffee 4 life.


I think I can tell the seasons are a shifting (please let it be true) with the shorter days and cooler, read: bearable afternoons. Hopefully it’s not just my holiday enthusiasm blinding me as I fill up our October calendar with festive play dates for the kids.


I am also on my second bag of those marshmallow pumpkin candies…so if that doesn’t scream celebrating the season, I don’t know what does.

This last week was a whirlwind with my Dad in town. He helped me with a (long) list of house projects that I’ve wanted to tick off my crazy pregnant nesting list. We even capped his visit off with a trip to Disneyland.


I’m hoping to have a house tour for you soon, one year later! We’re working on sprucing up the backyard too as this is the time of year we actually use it the most. I finally pulled the literal and figurative plug on the swimming pool so I’m hoping that gives us a little upgrade in the space + aesthetic of the yard.

Hope your foray into fall is glorious! I will be vicariously living through your sweaters, boots and chili on Instagram. We’re planning on another Craig’s List treasure haul (I know it is getting ridic) this weekend and hopefully another win for our beloved Hawks.

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