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Extra emphasis on the yay as I thought yesterday was Friday. Is that not the worst? We are packing up the mom-van for her first maiden road trip today. The crew is headed to San Diego for the long weekend. Before you get to jealous of my Fancy Life, know that we rented an airstream trailer near the beach. Sooo…it could be great + s’mores + family memories for life or we could be packing up that party train and heading home early. I’ll be keeping everyone up to the minute over on Insta or Snapchat.


Unrelated photo but look! A real deal pony tail! AND independent playing! Hurrah!

Since my brain cannot handle anything more than the running list of crap-i-need-to-pack here is a handy dandy bullet point list of all the fun I’ve been meaning to catch you up on.

1// Nesting + throwing out all the things. Since we need to buy/procure exactly zero things for new baby I’ve been throwing my nesting passions towards decluttering and organizing this hizzo. I had grand plans before we moved to go through all the closets and toys and, and, and but moving with a two year old and 9 month old was not super easy so we went the throw all the shit in a box route. So now! Just about a year after we moved I’ve been on a bender clearing out all the crap. I’m thinking I need to add the Goodwill drop off attendant to my Christmas card list as we are pretty close now. Things are starting to look a little more homey so I’ll update you once my Dad has finished visiting and doing all of my heavy lifting. Winking smile


2// Preschool! Hudson starts a two day (half day) preschool coop next week. It is just as hippy-dippy play based as you would expect from me. I think he’s going to love it as I already do. Will of course overload you with first day pictures and ALL THAT next week.

3// Christmas. Again, with the crazy pregnant lady business. With a newborn due to arrive juuuust as the holiday season kicks off I’ve been making lists and finishing Santa gifts. Already. I know, hate me. Santa is bringing the kids this Ikea kitchen and you know I couldn’t leave it alone. We’re also thinking about a balance bike for Hudson. Any recommendations?

4// Speaking of Ikea…we made the sojourn out there for twin mattresses. We even went to a new to us Ikea since they had the cutest toddler chairs in stock. God bless America for things like roll up mattresses. They are actually surprisingly comfy for $89 and work well with our new fancy trundle bed. His room is sort of coming together, it’s a tiny space with two windows and the bigger bed is sort of dwarfing the room but we shall persevere. He’s been doing really well staying in bed (only to fall out once!). Mom guilt all up in here.


5// Plants! Gardening is not my forte. At all. On a whim a few months ago I added a snake(?) plant to my roster of care and it hasn’t died. So I got very bold a couple of weeks ago and added a fern to my fancy new sideboard and just because I was feeling cavalier, I bought a fig leaf plant/tree thingie. It is still alive but I will say that the nursery attendant looked very worried as I carted it out with my two toddlers + bump in tow. She was shouting, don’t water it too much! Make sure it has indirect sunlight! Take care of my plant! I do not think she has high hopes for survival. But we’ll show her. Or not.

Soooo, that’s it friends. What are your plans for the long weekend? Please tell me sleeping in and drinking margaritas.  Smile


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  1. September 8, 2015 / 2:07 pm

    #1 (that’s NOT hashtag one, it’s number one!) What heavy lifting?

    #2 I want a ride on the dragon/sea monster float.

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