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Christmas Morning 2014

This year was the best! Hudson  believed in Santa and the flying reindeer with all of his little heart and was thrilled to see what…

Holiday Home Tour

Well I thought I’d better get this posted before all of the hustle and bustle was behind us. I thought we had pared down our…

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We’ve been bursting with excitement for Christmas morning with the kids this year. Hudson is all in on the Santa front. Harper is still not…

Babies on a Plane: Two Under Two

Alternately titled…only the prepared survive! I just arrived home from a quick trip to Iowa to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. Sorry to my…

Mama Must Haves: Hospital Bag Edition

Now that I’ve rounded week 39 of this pregnancy I thought it was time to pack up our hospital bag. This time I’ve been more…

Mama Must Haves: Baby Girl Edition

I am still in shock that we’re adding a little girl to our family in January! I was just so sure that we would have…


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