Extra emphasis on the yay as I thought yesterday was Friday. Is that not the worst? We are packing up the mom-van for her first…

You see me snapping

It’s just me and your grandma joining snapchat this year. The only people I imagined using it were 14 year olds and people sending nudies…

Sideboard Saga, the finale

I finally, finally finished the sideboard and carried that sucker inside the night before we left for our NYC/NJ/Boston adventure. I thought I would hammer…


After our epic weekend watching Marcus and Erin tie the knot we headed up to Boston to see my dad and step-mom. We only had…

Weekend Recovery…status: on going

I tried to get this posted Monday but the remaining crazy from the horrible jet-lag the kids have had me sidetracked juuust a tiny bit.…


Very much feeling like this after a full to the brim weekend. Nothing too noteworthy for le blog but has that stopped me before? So,…

Celebrity mom-sighting

I can’t believe it’s taken me two whole weeks to post about this. I must have needed the time to pull myself together. I ran…


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