Harper’s Nursery

Poor second baby, girlfriend just got her own room when we moved here and now it is finally nearing completion. Remember when I posted her…

Boos and Brews: Halloween 2015

Well, it’s already November so how about another Halloween recap post for your feed? This year we decided to host a little neighborhood trick or…

Home Tour: One Year Later

Time flies when you’re having fun! I can’t believe that we just hit the one year mark on living in Pasadena but TimeHop tells me…

Pumpkin Painting

My number was up on the hosting duties of our monthly moms group playdate; I decided pumpkin painting would be a fun and easy activity…

Pumpkin Pumpkin

We had our annual obligatory pilgrimage to the sweat fest that is the pumpkin patch this weekend. I feel like this picture perfectly sums up…

Sayonara Summer

Jk. It’s still 90+ degrees here and we even hit the beach last weekend. That didn’t stop me from pinning my little heart out on…

Off to Preschool

We didn’t think we’d be squeezing our oldest into preschool this year but here we are! With the move to Pasadena and being late to…


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