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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

This year I had to scramble a bit for Easter baskets due to our worldwide pandemic but came up with some cute (in my humble opinion) and functional gift ideas for your little bunnies. Harper about crushed us last weekend when she said, “well I guess the Easter Bunny isn’t coming this year. Since church is closed he won’t have time to get to everyone’s home”. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I realize that Easter basket goodies are pretty trivial compared to what’s going on right now but if I can bring some normalcy and fun to our kids, that’s what I’m going to do. Plus, you know I love a holiday.

Just as a recap, my general stocking stuffer/basket filling policy is useful items and/or consumable because hashtag four kids. I also have tried to embrace a more minimal gifting approach due to trying to fit a fifth child up in this tiny house so this represents all of my ideas for the baskets. They are so not getting all of this. So all disclaimers aside, here’s what is filling the baskets; big boy right down to toddler/baby. Clickable links below.

easter basket ideas for kids

I almost always have new swimsuits + outside play items because April is almost summer in SoCal but this year I focused even more on outside activities because we are all starting to get cabin fever here.

I typically love supporting our small shops but I’m finding that a lot are closed due to Corona restrictions or are no longer shipping in time for Easter. So most of these finds will be from this Easter Bunny’s bae, Amazon or Nordstrom because long live free shipping.

Easter Basket Ideas for Big Boys (7-8 years old)

paint by sticker/flying disc/football/light up launchers/magnifying glass/rosary/instax/glow basketball/peach snaps/avocado smash/bubbles

Easter Basket Ideas for Big Girls (4-6 years old)

kite/paint by sticker/magnetic doll tin/glitter chalk/fairy stickers/rosary/swimsuit/bows/brush/markers/playdough

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

bunny basket/snack keeper/peg animals/music buddy/bunny book

2019 Easter basket guide/Ultimate Easter Basket guide/Baby’s First Easter Basket/more useful basket ideas

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