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School Days

You thought you were off the hook for a back to school post, didn’t you? Our preschool is in the school starts after labor day camp (bless!) so today was our big day. I had the best of intentions for a delightful chalkboard sign but we’re still recovering from our long haul and it was axed from the to-do list. So I tried my very best to capture their hilarity in the 4 extra minutes we had before hustling into the van so we weren’t tardy on the first day.



They are going to a little play-based preschool twice a week for a few hours. Hudson went last year and loved it. So the backpacks are completely for show. Harper has a pair of undies in hers and Hudson has a pack of paper. Those Ahrens kids, ready for anything!


I thought Harper might be a little nervous about her first day but mother’s instincts know nothing around here. She glided on into school, hung up her backpack and started stirring playdoh with the teacher like a pro. She barely gave us a shrug when we said goodbye.


When I came back to pick them up she was practically swan-diving through the giant sand box and telling me all about her new school because she is a BIG GIRL not like Lucy, who is still A BABY. In case anyone was confused on the pecking order around here.


So our first day was a 5/5 stars! We finished up the afternoon with swimming lessons for Hudson at the YMCA and let’s just say I don’t think Michael Phelps has anything to worry about. 😉

School Days|Ahrens at Home

I hope your school year is swell! May the car drop-off line be short and your coffee be strong!

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  1. Grantie
    September 6, 2016 / 8:59 pm

    I just love Ahrens at home! Helps me stay connected to you all!
    Glad the kids had a great first day of preschool!

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