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Ahrens on the Road: 2016 Roadtrip

The West Coast Griswold family has thrown caution to the wind and decided to hitch up the swagger wagon for ten fun filled days driving up the coast of California! With three kids! Under four! One is two weeks potty trained! I’m hoping if I keep the enthusiasm level high enough I won’t think about what kind of crazy pills we were on when booking this little family adventure.

This past year Matt and I talked about wanting to make travel part of our family life and would love to do extensive traveling as a family as the kids get a bit older. So, inspired by JDC and Tsh’s family (a year long trip!) we clicked purchase on three AirBnB stops along the coast and we’re officially on our way on Thursday morning. Ten days is nothing compared to these epic trips but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!

I realize that I sound very dramatic (always!) and very boo hoo, have to have a ten day vacation with your family along the coast of California buuuut…we are mostly a flying family not a driving family so I’m a little nervous about our first foray into road trip territory. I’ve packed all the snacks (so many snacks), brought along the car games and even snuck in an emergency DVD if things start to go downhill. Veteran road trippers with littles, my kingdom for your best tips and tricks please!

In case you were wondering (or not) our loose itinerary is to hit the road early on Thursday, stopping in San Luis Obispo for lunch and stopping in Monterey. We’ll head on up the coast to the Redwoods and Carmel before turning around and heading to Santa Cruz for a couple of nights. Any family friendly suggestions would be so welcome!

You can follow us on the snaps or on Instagram with the hashtag, #ahrensontheroad. Here’s hoping for happy trails!

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