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Gift Ideas for a second time mom

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Or third time mom, as it was/is. I’ve had a few questions about what’s the best gift for a not-so-new mom. I think we all want to celebrate our friend/sister/co-worker who is expecting a new bundle of joy but when there’s no registry to reference it gets a little bit harder to choose a special gift. So I’m partnering with diapers.com (kind post sponsor!) to give you the nitty gritty on what I loved receiving.

Gift ideas for the second-time mom|Ahrens at Home

So first things first, obviously dinner/snacks/wine will always hold the number one spot in a new mother’s heart (I mean, next to the new baby, of course). So, if that is your favorite thing to bring, do it and know that you will be loved all the more for it.

Buuuut…If you’re more like me and all your baby mama friends are living in different states or the thought of bringing a new-baby meal in addition to cooking for your family fills you with dread, then step right up to the one-stop shopping I found at diapers.com. Each category on their site has a special “boutique” section which makes finding adorable, unique items a snap.

Gift ideas for the second-time mom|Ahrens at Home

I also took a peek at the usual baby gear suspects and they have the best of the best. If you’re in the market for a new stroller or carseat, don’t overlook this well curated site. They’ve basically found the best, most practical and most wanted items by parents. Not having to weed through all of the excess options makes shopping so much easier and more fun.

Gift ideas for the second-time mom|Ahrens at Home

I found adorable toys, storage solutions and blankets that I would have adored receiving! My favorite part is the pom-pom bin to corral it all, because if there is one thing a mama needs more of, it’s storage. I love the neutral color and texture of this, it doesn’t scream I AM A NURSERY TOY BASKET.

Gift ideas for the second-time mom|Ahrens at Home

When coming up with a gift, I think it’s appreciated to think of getting a little something special for new baby. Little toys, a sweet blanket, or even a unique book that doesn’t already have big brother or sister’s slobber all over it. Not that our big kids ever take toys away from the baby. 😉

Gift ideas for the second-time mom|Ahrens at Home

Since products on diapers.com are handpicked by experts, (who must also be peeping the fancy IG boutiques on my feed) it makes pressing the buy button even easier. I love shopping small and supporting mom-run boutiques online. Diapers.com partnerships with these small shops makes getting everything corralled and in a cute basket and to the new mama so simple.

The 1-2 day shipping doesn’t hurt either (my box arrived at my doorstep the very next day!). Plus, all orders above $49 qualify for free shipping which makes my deal loving heart sing.

If you’re really looking to secure yourself as world’s best friend, throw in a pack of diapers because that is one item you don’t mind having extra on hand for (I like to buy the next size up- usually size 2). If you’re looking to buy right now, make sure you’re using their exclusive promotion below (expires 12/31/2016).

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  • Enter code: TRYUSLOVEUS
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Exclusions below:

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Shampoo/Washcloths/Teether/Pom-Pom Basket/Book

Thank you for supporting our blog sponsors! You keep our buns in diapers and toy baskets full. 

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