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Celebrity mom-sighting

I can’t believe it’s taken me two whole weeks to post about this. I must have needed the time to pull myself together. I ran into Tami Taylor/Rayna Jaymes aka Connie Britton!! I’m sure she just loooves being referred to as her TV roles but seriously now. Is Tami Taylor not the best TV mom ever? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, we may have to re-evaluate our friendship. Feel free to dust up on your info here.


Back to the beginning I suppose! Matt and I took the kids to Travel Town in Griffith Park a couple of weeks ago in a feeble attempt to keep the kids from crawling the walls as they tend to do on Saturdays around 10 am. For you locals, it’s a cute little hybrid museum and old steam train yard. We thankfully caught it on a cooler day, otherwise be prepared to sweat your face off. BUT, your tiny train loving children will love you for it.

We were walking to the museum portion of the exhibit and we ran smack into her with her little boy in tow. At first I smiled and kind of waved because I recognized her as someone I knew…thinking maybe I met her at a mom’s group get together but then realization hit and hello! I just kept walking on by. Mostly because I was mortified of my casual ‘hey,girl’ wave and also I may have been fan girl-ing it out a little. After frantic texting to my bestie to say ZOMG, celebrity sighting! We enjoyed the rest of the tour and our little Thomas the Tank aficionado loved every second of it. Contrary to his thrilled expression.



Then we hopped on the little steam train that gives a ride around the park. AND WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT?! Our feature celebrity was lined up riiight behind us. I’m not sure I can emphasize how beside myself I was. I thought about introducing myself and ask for a photo but since she was on a family outing decided to play cool, nonchalant LA resident and celebrities are just like us, whatever. So I snapped a sneaky pic like the fan girl you are all expecting.


Mother, you are mortifying me.


Obviously, we all had a great time at the train yard!

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  1. July 26, 2015 / 2:05 pm

    Very good daughter…I trained you well.

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