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Spring Forward

Allllrighty parents, who’s still limping through the time change? We have been on the struggle bus this week. I basically had to pour my kids into their uniforms on Monday while they attempted to lay like wet noodles on their bedroom floor with shouts of it is still night time while I frantically tried to make the 7:40 am front door exit.

In an effort to embrace the longer days and bring on Spring (but not summer and it’s death hell heat) I whipped up a little I’m dreaming of spring board. Apologies to my midwest and east coast friends. I realize my complaining about another rainy day and 50 degree weather falls on deaf ears as you shuttle your snowpants clad children to school. Sorry.


We’ve got a full week ahead of seventy degree days and we’re planning a quick trip to the mountains this weekend to see the super bloom of poppies. I realize this sounds ridiculous to people who regularly see rain but we’ve been in a drought for oh…about ten years now so to see the hills so green is a delight. So I’m channeling my inner VonTrapp family and packing a picnic in my thrift score basket and Gathre mat. Which, by the way, I have a border line hoarder problem with. Last count, I had four. They are seriously the best for kids, you can literally hose them off. I keep one in our trunk for the park, one in the diaper bag for changes, one as a baby playmat, and one in our house for Friday Night Pizza Picnics. #sendhelp

I also finished revamping a pair of nightstands for our master bedroom that I scored on Craigs List. You can peeps them on my IG stories here, so I’m on the hunt for a few accessories. I love the shape of the gold frames and need some bigger table lamps (I’ve been scouring the thrift shops waiting for the perfect pair). We’re also burning the last of my favorite candle. Such as splurge but hands down my favorite (even as a pseudo-oil devotee).

I’m dying for a cute lemon tree if only to be able to whip up this pie on a moments notice but we have southern exposure on our front porch which means everything gets scorched out there in the previously mentioned sunfest (July-October). I’m considering going fake with these pretty, realistic trees in our containers.

Brass watering can to keep me on my plant-lady crazy train. I just can’t say no to the $4.99 5″ potted plants at Trader Joe’s! I now have to set up an alexa reminder for watering all of my plants. My favorites so far are the rabbit foot fern (sure to die on my watch), Shamrock Plant (luck of ye Irish!), and of course my Fiddle Leaf Fig is still going strong.

I also threw in these fun earrings and another hat because I’m headed to Las Vegas next month with some college gal pals. Couldn’t be more excited for 2 days of uninterrupted sleep. Love you kids but I am vv tired. I will probably report back on all of our fun (but MAYBE NOT) so if you’ve got a great Vegas recommendation for me, hit me up! I’ve never been barring a connecting flight with at least one child strapped to me so I’m all ears.

That’s all from this side of Spring for us. Can’t wait to start our garden, I’m thinking cut flowers and herbs instead of veggies this year. I’ll keep you posted since I know you would want to know. 😉

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  1. Auntie
    March 14, 2019 / 3:32 am

    Can not wait to see what ya whip up in the garden!

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