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Weekend Recovery…status: on going

I tried to get this posted Monday but the remaining crazy from the horrible jet-lag the kids have had me sidetracked juuust a tiny bit. Adjusting back to the Pacific time zone has been truly horrific. Not to be overly dramatic, of course. We had a fantastic time seeing Matt’s youngest brother marry his main squeeze #ahrenseverafter, sneaking in a quick sister trip to NYC and road tripping up to Boston to see my dad and step mom but holy mother, the return was the big B. Seriously, we cancelled our long weekend trip in October because the thought of trying to re-acclimate to our time zone while being 8 weeks more pregnant. No. Just no.

The kids did fantastic on the way there, even with a two hour flight delay. A little 5 am, ring a round the stroller.


Since we were still rocking our PST hours when we hit the ground in Jersey  (not to be confused with the PTS- post traumatic stress-we are currently experiencing) they actually stayed up to eat late dinners and even take a spin around the cocktail hour after the wedding. Highlight of the wedding (may I be so bold as possibly my motherhood adventure, thus far?) when a wedding guest told me that Hudson looked like Prince George in his wedding finery. Obviously we captured that in a perfect family picture. Destined to be Christmas Card 2015.


Also, this wedding was insane. Of course I caught exactly zero snaps to do the reception justice. It was just so amazing. You know, in addition to gaining a fabulous sister in law. This was just one food station at the cocktail hour. wut.


From the cocktail hour to dessert “experience”…I mean, there was a fire show involved and a cotton candy machine to give you an idea of the crazy awesome. Plus they sent us home with fresh, homemade donuts on the way out the door. If you can’t drink at a wedding, the donuts were a great runner up prize.

The Sunday after the wedding we road tripped it up to Boston. It was a four hour drive and thought it would be way less traumatic (foreshadowing) than the return rental car/check baggage/gate check stroller rodeo for a quick 2 hour flight.  We did all the touristy things and loved it. Much more chipper and upbeat post ahead on all that fun so sit tight!

AND THEN we drove four hours back to Newark for our six hour flight home. Not to beat this horse dead but I would give this leg of the trip a 3 out of 10. Hudson peed his pants twice, even after sitting on all the public toilets in the tri-state area and they screamed at each other for the remaining 90 minutes of our drive. Then we got to get on a plane for six hours. Good times, folks. Except not.


We’re back, we made it and we’re soldiering on. Thank god for friends with pools that are not green (like our current swamp), ice cream and early bedtimes. Amen. The end.



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