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Very much feeling like this after a full to the brim weekend.


Nothing too noteworthy for le blog but has that stopped me before? So, onward we trod. Matt was home early on Friday night (cue the hallelujah chorus) so we trotted our group out for dinner on the patio of The Luggage Room. Highly recommend for all you locals, don’t forget to get a free (FREE!) chocolate chip, sea salt cookie on your way out. It’s right off the metro line, which both kids went nuts for every time it zoomed by.

After dropping an entire carload off at Goodwill (many thanks, KonMari) I was convinced to head to the Golden Road Brewery for brunch/lunch with promises of “really family friendly” and “none of my coworkers like to go there because there are so many kids”. Color me skeptical but I think we found our family watering hole. It WAS super family friendly, nestled riiight up to the train tracks it made a perfect distraction for our crew. Their glee when the amtrak flew by was hilarious.


Yes, I am only 23 weeks pregnant. The bump don’t care…tis loud and proud this time around. Any singletons or kid free peeps will be happy to know it wasn’t Chuck E. Cheese style up in there either, plenty of drinking and adults. Just my pregnant, tot-toting observation. The rest of the day was spent finishing up that god forsaken china hutch. I am proud to report that is in fact DONE and in our dining room. It obviously needs it’s own post for the glamorous reveal.

On Sunday we were feeling particularly brave and decided to head back to Griffith Park for pony rides. I think we both were ready for it to be an epic disaster but what’s a childhood without a crying pony picture? Nothing, that’s what.


Harper was voted to try out the ponies first by her caring, scaredy cat brother. She was having a great time until she realized the pony was alive and in fact moved.


Could not get a smile out of this one either. He actually loved riding but was not about to remove his hand from the horn to wave at mom for a picture. That is not what cowboys do.


Cap off the day with a kid free trip to Target and HomeGoods and I will call that a real win in my book. Both cashiers were so excited for my impending bundle only to see their faces morph into terror upon learning it is our third little darling, not our first. It kills me every time. I mean, three kids is not that many! Right?

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