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After our epic weekend watching Marcus and Erin tie the knot we headed up to Boston to see my dad and step-mom. We only had about two and a half days with them so it was a short but sweet trip. They relocated to Boston a little over a year ago from San Diego. Can you tell they were excited to have the grandkids visit? The whole room was decked out in a wild wild west theme. It was adorable.


Matt and I had both visited Boston for work but hadn’t seen much of the city so we decided on the 90 minute tour of the Freedom Trail before lunch and Boston Commons. Almost everyone we spoke with recommended the Duck Tours but it was a hop on/hop off all day thing. With two toddlers who could not care less about Paul Revere and his wily ways, it didn’t seem like a great fit for us. As you can see, the children were already thrilled with the tour we did chose. 


I’m no history buff but I loved seeing all of the old buildings and history surrounding the city. It was of course, gorgeous. Unfortunately, my zoom lens on my camera is on the fritz so I only have cell snaps and super close shots of the city.


After our tour ended we hauled over to Boston Commons. I really wanted to take the kids to the Make Way for Duckling Statue (book-nerd alert!) and ride the swan boats.


The gardens didn’t disappoint, again so gorgeous! We could have spent all day there but lunch and hangry toddlers kept our schedule tight. We hopped on the swan boats which I highly recommend if you have minis in tow. It circles right by the famed duck island and is only $2.75 a person! Steal of a deal.



If this doesn’t say “we’re all having a super fun time touring” I don’t know what does.


After our jovial boat ride we strolled on over to the statue and was hilariously pleased when Harper jumped out of the stroller and hopped right on the duck. I could not stop laughing, apparently our LA kids do not see a lot of wildlife up close and personal. They were thrilled to ride the little statue and pet the duckies.


They were cracking up the whole time, like WE ARE ON A DUCK MOM! Look at us!



This is ridiculous! This is awesome! DUCKS! We are riding ducks!


We hauled it on home after that but not before taking the longest walk uphill ever, Pickney Street for those curious. San Fran has got nothing on your hills Boston! Also, note the diva in the front seat. Duck hangover.


The next day we decided to do something easy and around my dad’s place. So basically, we went out to lunch and stopped at a lighthouse. The kids loved the water and the rocks. So moral of the traveling with toddlers story? Free and cheap are always the best way to go.


Our best attempts at a family photo.



A vacation is not a vacation without a stop for treats so…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Ice cream for everyone. Someone takes his job of doling out bites very seriously.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And that’s it! The end, minus our harrowing trip home but let’s not rehash that.

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