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Weekend Warriors

We’ve spent the last few days being busy bees around here. I’ve been working on cranking out this china buffet that I had Matt haul home for me on Father’s Day. #betterspouse


After slathering the dang thing in citrus stripper I immediately realized I don’t actually want to refinish it. I mean, I do, the candy apple green is blinding but I just don’t want to do the work. I wish I would have given into my lazy self and just painted right over the sucker but lucky for me and my perfectionism, we’re doing the refinish properly. So, stay tuned for a delightful reveal in about…3 weeks as I can only work on it after the 6 pm. The temperature during the day has rivaled the surface of the sun lately so I am not tempted AT ALL to add to my sweaty mess by using a heat gun to finish stripping this hulk. It’s looking so great, right? Winking smile


In other more exciting + fun news, we hosted Matt’s cousins from Iowa for dinner last week. They are taking their four kids on an epic road trip from San Fran all the way down to San Diego. I bow down to their vacation prowess! We celebrated by making s’mores cupcakes, which is pretty much unrelated but if a blogger makes cupcakes and doesn’t document it, did it actually even happen?


I cheated using boxed cake mix but added homemade marshmallow frosting and graham cracker crumbs. I was impressed how homemade they tasted so three cheers for that!

Sunday we decided to be Fun Parents and took the kids to Disneyland for the morning. Serious Sally had a great time on the carousel.


We stopped at the Anaheim Packing House for lunch and it was SO good. It’s only about 7 minutes away from Disneyland so it was a nice change up from the usual corn dog combo I usually get. I ordered from Georgia’s and it was great. The pulled pork sliders and mac and cheese were a hit all around our table, plus the owner was just so nice!

That about wraps up our weekend fun! I’m working on big boy bedroom plans and gearing up for a festive fourth of July on the beach.

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