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Boos and Brews: Halloween 2015

Well, it’s already November so how about another Halloween recap post for your feed? This year we decided to host a little neighborhood trick or treat pre-party. I had Matt and the kids drop off these cute (free!) invitations from Minted to our neighbors a couple of weeks before Halloween.

Boos and Brews Halloween Party | Ahrens at Home

Last year we moved into our house a right before Halloween and were totally floored with how our neighborhood goes all out for the holiday. I dare say it is more neighborly and fun than the Christmas season. Sap alert ahead… it really made us feel like we made the right decision to move and that we had a chance at really connecting in our community. It warmed my grinchy little heart.

boos and brews halloween party | ahrens at home

Sorry for the impressively crooked shot here but you get the idea. Lots of treats with the finest orange paper products Target had to offer.

Boos and Brews Halloween Party | Ahrens at Home

We went the easy route on food and decor because 1. kids and 2. I’m super pregnant and don’t have the capacity for the over-enthusiastic Pinterest crazy that usually takes over my to-do list before a shindig. I think it still came out pretty cute and no one was complaining about bakery cupcakes.

Boos and Brews Halloween Party | Ahrens at Home

So pizza and store bought treats for everybody. I will say that the sprinkle dipped ghost peeps were the hit of the toddler set. Sugar on sugar on sugar, parenting wins all around.

Around 7 pm we hit the streets with the cutest fireman and dalmatian you ever did see. Harper didn’t even mind being called a “cute little guy” at every door. Should have put a bow on it.


Also a video because I can’t handle how cute their twick or tweeet is.

Unfortunately I don’t have any footage of Matt’s questionable parenting decision to take the kids up to the scariest/haunted house on the block for some candy begging. The image of him running down the front stairs with a crying kid under each arm was pretty priceless and basically worth all the therapy they’re going to need to recover from that incident. The twix bars were worth it kids!

Hope your holiday was festive and filled with all sorts of hoarded treats from your kids’ candy haul. 

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