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The Future is Bright//Sunglasses for your minis

Did everyone get their minis as pumped for the eclipse as I did? I totally geeked out on them, we drew a sidewalk chalk of an eclipse, watched a youtube video and generally really talked up how cool it was.

Solar Eclipse 2017|Ahrens at Home

We are just a few blocks from CalTech and our preschool consists mainly of parents working there or JPL, so even our little school was hyped. It seemed like there were thousands of people camped out on their lawns. Although we weren’t in the path of totality, it was still fun to be apart of something so rare!

Solar Eclipse 2017|Ahrens at Home

Thankfully my friend came to the rescue with solar glasses as I was Last Minute Mom again and totally blanked on ordering them before they were backordered. We followed this easy tutorial on how to make a paper plate mask for easy viewing. Honestly, I liked looking while holding the plate too, as it let much less light in around the glasses. The kids have still been using them this week to look at the sun (also cool!) but we plan to donate the glasses to Astronomers without Borders when we’re through sun-gazing.

Since you know I don’t miss an opportunity to accessorize, I’ve rounded up our favorite non-solar glasses that are tried and true at our house. Both big kids have the wayfarers from Carter’s but I’m sort of in love with those round Penny Lane glasses!

Toddler Sunglasses|Ahrens at Home


Did you do anything special with your kiddos for the eclipse? Our family in Iowa was pretty close to the totality line but the clouds ruined the show for most of them.

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  1. Grantie
    August 23, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    Loved seeing the paper plate glasses for the eclipse! We did have cloud coverage, but was still pretty cool to try to check it out!☺

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