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Five on Friday

Gah you guys, is this week feeling like the mother of all weeks to everyone else?! The week after a long weekend is a real B. Adding in scorching temps with three kiddos and we are ready for the weekend! We’re headed to San Diego for some flea market perusing and floating around my dad’s pool.



1//Prime Day…did everyone else buy all the things yesterday? I thought the sales were much better this year. I got the InstaPot, salt water sandals for all of my beach babies, new jammies for Lucy, books for under the Christmas tree and microfiber facecloths (idk…impulse buy). Tell me what you bought and what I missed!

2//Speaking of new purchases, these water glasses are the best thing ever. We ran across them when getting brunch at the Ace downtown and loved them. I literally sold/donated all of our old/mismatched glasses and now we just have six of these. They’re French and apparently indestructible since that’s what all of the French mothers use with their children. So fancy!

3//When Target retweets you. I’ve been pretty anti-twitter since I was hacked in November and had to start a new account. BUT THEN! My bae, Target re-tweeted me and basically made my day. I feel less bad about spending all the money and time there because this basically proves we are BFF.

4//Anne with and E. Stuck in the drought of summer TV and what did my wondering eyes stumble upon Netflix? Just the most charming new series, great casting, lovely scenery. Go! Watch! Also, what’s on your watchlist?

5//Speaking of scorching temps and not being able to play outside in the afternoon…this new show from Julia Andrews is so cute and the kids love it. Plus, it’s an hour long so it gets us through that 5 pm witching hour which feels like a real summer win.

That’s all the from the front lines this week, baby picture spam below. Brianne is headed back to Iowa in a week so we’re trying to do allthethings before she leaves. Follow us on Instagram to keep up on the very latest.





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