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Five on Friday: 10 Days until Christmas

Whoowee! 10 days until the big day! This season went by in a flash, with all of the extra holiday stuff, shopping, preschool volunteering, and kindergarten tours (Lord Jesus, be near…). Here’s what we’ve been up to in a bulleted list for your perusing pleasure.

1//Santa Days! One of my favorite traditions we do every year is visit Santa at the Huntington Gardens. This year they changed it up to an evening party which made for a magical milk and cookies reception, with lots of twinkly lights and carolers but not great pictures.

Santa at Huntington Gardens|Ahrens at Home

Santa at Huntington Gardens|Ahrens at Home

We were one of the first 10 people to see Santa (the line was 2 hours long when we left!) and Harper asked Santa for a pony, and made sure Lucy also requested a pony (I’m assuming to just double her chances of actually seeing one on Christmas Day). My practical child, Hudson, asked for a new bike helmet. Bless him. This year Santa is taking the handmade holiday off and bringing bikes for everyone. The big kids are getting these, and Lucy is getting this. Santa is also slapping on the most adorable wicker bike baskets you’ve ever seen for both girls.

In case you’re worried about tears of disappointment when no pony magically appears for the girls, have no fear. My Aunt gifted Harper this sweet little stable + ponies, I’m sure we can convince her that Santa knew it was under the tree and didn’t want to double up.

See 2016/2014 for crying Santa pictures.

2//Sisters room refresh. It’s happening folks! That baby won’t stay in her crib so we’ve waived the white flag and are planning on putting her in a big girl bed. Light a candle for us and our sleep sanity. I found the very best deal ever on Craig’s List. Two, Land of Nod, Jenny Lind twin beds for $200 total. I mean, $200 is still an investment (especially for kids) but when each bed clocks in at $499 retail, mama says, WE GOT A DEAL. Matt heroically drove down to fetch them for me and we’ll have ourselves a good old fashioned room reveal in January. You can keep up with all my ideas on Pinterest or see how their room looks right now.

3//Disneyland! We’re headed to stay at the most magical place on earth in January to celebrate Harper’s 4th(!!) birthday with Matt’s family. We let our passes expire this June and are sort of regretting it (we even have a hashtag!) We’ll see if 2018 is the year we jump back on the Disney wagon. I’ve coached no fewer than 10 people through their inaugural take your kids to Disney trip and I’m thinking this post needs a little refresh.

4//Holiday coffee. You know I’m serious about the cold brew but around Christmas I can’t get enough of this (I’m sure terrible for you) creamer. It looks like it would be disgusting but friends, I wouldn’t lead you astray. The link is for a giant pump bottle but I bought my regular sized version at Target but next year I might just spring for the 50 ounce, it is just that good! For your non-coffee friends (idk who has these) or your kidlets, this is the very best hot cocoa.

5//Holiday baking! This weekend all we’ve got on the calendar is driving around to look at lights and whipping up our favorite treats. We’re doing pumpkin bread, sugar cookies, Christmas mix, and gingerbread snowflakes.

Santa Brunch|Ahrens at Home

Have the very best last weekend before Christmas! I know we’ll be jamming all the fun we can stand in or at the very least we’ll be the jolliest bunch of elves this side of the nuthouse. 😉

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lead picture found on Pinterest…let me know if you have an original source!


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