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Five on Friday

Or Five on Saturday as it is but this is my blog and I do what I want. Matt heroically took our darling children for a 7 am brunch and park date so I’ve got a minute or two to pound out a few semi-coherent sentences for you.

1//Maternity swimwear.

It’s just the worst isn’t it?! I know I’ve waxed on about it each pregnancy but it seems like the options are always just deciding between tent city and a bikini. Both terrible in my humble opinion but I will veer towards a bikini in a pinch due to bathroom accessibility ease. I had to drum something up for the waterpark we visited for Hudson’s birthday and found a cute-ish option for under $30. Maybe you’re in the market too.

2//Shopping with Ahrens at Home.

I’ve updated my Amazon Influencer Page (whatever that means) with all of our summer essentials, favorite toys, and house and home. You can either clickity-clack right here to see what’s in my cart or hit that giant shop house and home button on my sidebar if you need help buying more things on the internets.

3//Screen free summer.

SO, as most of you know I dwell on the crazy (read:neurotic) side of parenting and tend to read allthethings. I’m usually able to wade through all of the fear mongering of ruining your children and/or this is the only way to do it philosophy. BUT, after following Collin Kartchner’s IG stories regarding tech and kids, I ran right out to the library for these two books (one/two) and was scared straight.

In general, I would consider us pretty conservative in terms of tech for our kids (no tablets/games/etc) but we’ve been known to use the great TV babysitter from time to time. ANYWAY…after listening (science-backed) stories, and reading both books we’ve decided to turn the TV off for the summer. The kids whined for about 2 days and haven’t asked for it since. I could probably write an entire post all about this (and maybe I will!) but wanted to suggest the two books above if you’re worried/thinking about tech + kids. Ralphie also has a great series on her IG too, and she dives into how technology is affecting big kids (teens).

4//Baby Sprinkle!

My sweet friends threw me a thoroughly swanky baby sprinkle at a downtown restaurant last week. Aside from my six year old asking me where I was wearing that new robe to (IT’S A DRESS CHILD), it was lovely. We were all out after 9 pm without children, we were practically beside ourselves with freedom. With all the gabbing, we didn’t even get a group shot! Baby Boy is all set up with cute outfits, blankets, and binkies. Now we just need a name for him and we’ll be all set.

5//Garage sale/Lemonade stand.

The kids somehow came across the idea for a lemonade stand so we tossed up our signage last week and gave it a go. They made $6 before Lucy dumped over the jar in a fit of sugar-filled baby rage.

Handmade lemonade sign

Harper promptly spent her $3 earnings share at Target buying a ball. THAT WE ALREADY OWN. I tried to sway her out of it but this was turquoise + she has no concept of money, so the ball came home with us. Hudson is holding on to his dollars like a tiny scrooge and reminding Harper on the daily that she already spent her money.

As much as my notes beg to differ, we’ve been busy bees this summer. Kinder-camp for Hudson (all the tears, please), cherry picking, ice cream making, backyard camping, summer loving fools. Catch up with our crazy on the IG or on Facebook.

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