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Tutu Fun

Sorry, not sorry for the pun-tastic title. I can’t help it, comes with the mom territory.

Tutu Fun|Ahrens at Home

Both of the big kids are really into dress up and playing pretend right now. Poor Hudson gets convinced to twirl in a tutu about 4 times a week. I can’t say he doesn’t love it though. Life with sisters, man! 😉 Lucy also loves a good tutu twirl so we usually have a dance party right about the time the 5 o’clock crazies hit. You can usually catch it all on my Instastory or the snaps.

In case you’re in the market for some dress up or tutus in your life, here are some of our favorites.

Tutu Fun|Ahrens at Home


We store all of our dress-up clothes on these adorable hooks in Harper and Lucy’s room. If you’re on the fence on the tutus, I highly recommend them. We have 5(!) and they are so inexpensive and the quality is really great, none of that scratchy tulle business.

Tutu Fun|Ahrens at Home


Affiliate links used above. You buy? We get a slice of the pie with no additional cost to you. More information here. Thanks for keeping us twirling, you’re the best! 


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