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2020 Christmas Gift Guides for the Kids

I just finished up my Christmas shopping for my kids and the other minis in our lives and thought I’d share what I tracked down this year for our 2020 gift guide. We’ve got quite the age spread which has been tricky but we still have a house full of believers to which my nostalgic heart is grateful for! I’m trying to eek out at least a few more years of Santa and I’m hoping the sweetest Christmas morning letters from Polar Post will help me on my mission.

Santa is bringing the girls American Girl dolls, which I had to painstakingly sift through every Ebay and Facebook Marketplace listing in the entire US because of course we needed the retired dolls. Kirsten and Caroline are arriving in the sleigh, for those wondering.

Hudson is getting a table top soccer (foosball to us elderly folks) and Ellis and Jack are getting hearty stockings because babies don’t care about anything but empty boxes.

Big Brother Gift Guide|Age 8-9

I don’t know why this year was a bit of struggle to find gifts for Hudson! It seems like the big gifts for this age bracket seems to be geared toward video games (no) and nerf guns (double no). He’s been on a sports kick so we went all in on that theme. Obvious disclaimer being that we have not/will not be buying everything on the list but we own a lot of them, and they’re all great gifts (imho of course) for the 8 year old in your life!

1. wood swing for our big backyard full of trees 2. beanie for the chilly climate we’ve moved to. 3. smash ball 4. beginner pitching machine 5. Perplexus round puzzle 6. NFL game day board game 7. Geode puzzle 8. Loog Guitar 9. glow in the dark magnatiles, the ultimate evergreen gift (has been a hit for literally 8 years) 10. hover soccer ball 11. paper airplane papers 12. avocado smash 13. nerf whistler football 14. flash rocks 15. aarons thinking putty

Little Brother Gift Guide|Age 2-3

Like most two year old boys, Ellis loves anything that goes, building blocks of all sizes, and he loves to tinker with everything. He’s easy to shop for but also has three older siblings ahead of him which have handed down A LOT of toys. I’ve included a few tried and true from our list of favorites and a couple that we’re giving him this year.

1.ll bean sled 2. land of dough 3. tegu train (love these magnetic blocks!) 4. doggie push car 5. bulldozer (amazing quality!) 6. bath sail boat 7. baby buddy snow shovel 8. all the balls 9. matching hat with big bro 10. rocket blocks 11. Truckload of fun books *gifted 12. water/snow scoops 13. the cutest tool box 14. floor puzzle

Big Sister Gift Guide|Age 6-7

Harper and Lucy are a little less than two years apart so they love nearly all of the same things. Pretend play, dollies, and crafts always top their lists. Harper LOVES to write notes and is dying to learn cursive so I couldn’t pass up the cute little handwriting book and her very own gel pens. Santa is bringing Kirsten which I know she’ll be thrilled with. We read all of the OG books from the library during quarantine.

1. bead kid 2. cats cradle 3. calligraphy book 4. skates 5. pixie glitter glue 6. maileg mice (they live in our dollhouse) 7. instax 8. bath bombs 9. heart sunglasses 10. shadow puppets 11. magical unicorn society 12. unicorn

Little Sister Gift Guide|Age 5-6

Rainbows, mermaids, and glitter…oh my! Lucy loves any and all little trinkets she can get her hands on. Mermaids and unicorns are still her favorite animals and glitter is her favorite color.

1. karaoke microphone (shockingly powerful, for better or worse), 2. rainbow pillow 3. foldable dollhouse 4. flower stamp set 5. glitter fairy wings 6. skateboard 7. sticker house 8. mermaid island 9. silly street 10. pickup sticks 11. rainbow craft kit 12. magnetic doll tin 13. jump rope 14. pretend makeup

So that’s a sampling of what’s under our tree this year. I have tons of ideas from years past…have a looksie right HERE!

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